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Have Same with God as Christ

As the Church meditated Mathew 11:16-19 led by Pastor Jane, they could realize that, like children playing needs to have the same heart in order

Kenya Easter Sunday Service

On Easter Sunday, April 12th, Nairobi Gratia church had Easter Sunday Service through online. Pastor Thomas shared the message during the service. He shared from

Book of Romans Series -1

In the book of Romans 1, Paul is teaching 2 things we have received as we believe Jesus Christ. One is the privilege as Son

Humility and Greatness

Matthew 20:20-28 What do you want Christ to do for you? That’s essentially the same question Jesus asked the mother of James and John. Before

An Example of Humility

John 13:1-17 Sometimes we need a wake-up call that opens our eyes so we can see who we truly are. And watching someone else do