Gratia church Sunday Service : Salvation through Unconditional Love

Nairobi Gratia church had a Sunday service and shared with members through online on May 17th. They were meditating from Luke 19:1-10, Zacchaeus’ story and how man can get the Salvation looking at this man’s salvation.

Pastor Thomas started the sermon by sharing a story in a movie which has similar story like Zaccaeus. 
There was a boss of a gang and one day he was rescued with the help of a firefighter in a subway fire accident. But the firefighter had damage in his brain because of the poisonous gas during rescuing the people, he became a fool. The boss of a gang changed his life by looking at the sacrifice of the firefighter for the people, so he started to stay near from the fool-who was a firefighter- and helped him always.

When we see this story, this is also similar the story of Zacchaeus. He was a great sinner as a greedy man and betrayer of his people, he was hated by many people at that time. His life was meaningless and he wasn’t satisfied and joyful, so he was thirsty for the truth and the love. Then Jesus came to his life and showed His unconditional and sacrificial love toward him. Zacchaeus was so touched by Jesus and he decided to change his life resembling Jesus. “I want to give a half of my possession and I will pay back four times if I cheated anyone”. He could see the true meaning of life through Jesus’s love. He wanted to follow Jesus’ life of love.

Jesus came to the sinner, not to the righteous. In Matthew 9:9-12, the scene of Jesus’ calling of Matthew is coming out. When Matthew invited Jesus with thankful heart by this calling, people were grumbling on it. Why Jesus is eating with sinners? Jesus said that ‘The healthy person doesn’t need a doctor, but a sick’. Jesus came to the world to save the sinners, not the righteous people who think ‘I’m good and righteous’. So we need to see how we are sinful and ugly before God and how God graciously sent His son to save us. When we come before God with humble and earnest heart, repenting our sins, God will accept us and forgive our sins and change our lives.So to be saved, firstly we need to seek God and repent our sins. Second we need to listen to God, Third, we need to obey His word, and Fourth, we need to change our lives.I hope all we receive the Salvation of life by going to this point, so that we can enjoy the true joy and satisfaction in our life.