Have Same with God as Christ

As the Church meditated Mathew 11:16-19 led by Pastor Jane, they could realize that, like children playing needs to have the same heart in order to do things together, the Church and Christians too needs to have the same heart with God and Christ in order for His will and purpose to be filled through our lives and unto this world.

If we don’t understand the Heart of Jesus then we will be late for children but Jesus talked about as God speaks will not understand escort tries to correct test we will not listen say Jesus was Jesus was talking about the people in that time. People could not recognize Jesus at his coming even though John. Talked about it he called them to prepare the way he called them to repentance, but the religious leaders could see John the Baptist a demon-possessed man

We don’t want to be like this so we need to understand the will of God for our lives and His purposes for our lives. We want to dance when a song is sung and we want to mourn when it’s time to come on we want to listen to God’s call for our life and follow.

In Mathew 7:21-23, Many believed in God but did not understand the will of God for their lives the way you doing according to their understanding. In Matthew 11, people would not listen to Jesus because they were trying to follow their own understanding. We need to know the will of God for my life so that His purpose can be fulfilled.

This world was broken needed to be recovered. This could only be done true love so God sent his son Jesus Christ that came toy reveal this love to the people bad people could not recognize him because they wanted things done in their own ways and understanding. God created us so that we can share this love. But people also need to return this love back to God Him. God is waiting for us to return to him with a heart of love and He will accept us complete

When God saint Jesus, he was not received but rather he was judged. Even though Jesus had the same heart with God people could not believe him because man heart from God’s. Jesus understood the heart of God, the love of God unlived doing what God desired and expected of him to be done.

We need to think about our life of faith. Do we understand the heart of God towards us? Do we understand the heart of God towards this world? What would God be thinking about our life decision? Is God really pleased with us in our choices? We can be like the religious leaders who could not recognize Jesus or we can become the people that are united with God as Christ Jesus was in his faith and love so our lives can be able to fulfill the will of God for us and for this world