Visiting Kinyanjui School for Preaching on Sunday, Feb 4

On Feb 4th, Nairobi Gratia church pastor Fredrick visited Kinyanjui Polytechnic college early in the morning for preaching in the Sunday Service of their Christian Union. As they invited Gratia church pastor, he went and shared from Deut 28 about “Obedience which leads the blessing of God”.

The Christian students who were joining are from different churches, so some didn’t listen well from the first. But as time goes on, many were listening and accepting the word which was delivered.

Pastor Fredrick said “It was a graceful time and meaningful time to share the Word of God to the students in Kinyanjui school. We may organize a youth seminar with them and share more deeply the word of God”

Church leaders are hoping that by the guidance and power of God, this good relationship with Kinyanjui school may bring the development of the youth ministry.