Nairobi Leaders Joined Kinyanjui College Prayer Vigil

Gratia church leaders joined neighbor school Kinyanjui Polytechnic Institute for the Prayer Vigil night on Feb 23rd.

There were worship and praise time by the worship team in the school, so they were leading the participants into the worship and prayer time.

There were 2 preachers at the time, and the first preacher shared from the Revelation 2-3, about the 7 churches which is model of the Christian churches. Through it, God was teaching them, and revealing their sins.

Second preacher was sharing “Season and Time” and he was explaining on how they can know the proper season for the life.

Gratia church leaders were introduced as the close friends of the school and they also shared shortly about the life of faith. They invited Gratia church pastor on Sunday for the preaching in the student service.

May God continually guide them into the true fellowship in Him so that they can grow together and work together for His Kingdom.