Nairobi Gratia Church Christmas Events

Nairobi Gratia church had Christmas events in this Christmas season. They visited an orphanage on 22nd and had a service together with the children.

Pastor Fredrick shared Romans 5:1-11 ” Jesus reconciled us to God through His Blood. And after we receive the justification, we have peace and Joy with God. “, he explained how we were against God’s will and under the wrath of God, but God made the way to forgive us through Jesus.  Jesus came to this world to save us and die for us, and it shows how God loves us.

The children and teachers had a good time to meditate the Word of God and worship God on this day.  It was a warm and joyful time to meditate the love of God together with the children.

They had 3 days gatherings from Dec 23 to 25th for Christmas. They were meditating the meaning for Christmas with many different Bible verses and found how they are blessed by the great love of God. They also wished to live as the light of the world, which is still in the darkness.

May God use Gratia church in the coming year as the true light of the world which can shine the light of God’s love.