Gratia Held Powerful Morning Glory and Discussion Of Lent Period

Gracefully Gratia church Nairobi held morning glory on 20th February 2018, morning prayer meeting was from 2kings 5:1-15 “Naaman healed of leprosy”. This preaching was led by pastor Fredrick Wambua with the emphasis was on two points, with which one was “Your position mighty be small, but God wants to use you for His purposes, just as the maidservant at Naaman’s house”.  He added that the second is “Obedience and humbleness”, He concluded that it is what God is looking for us, to wash away our sin.

They also had a great time to discuss the “LENT PERIOD”, they came to one accord that “In Nairobi, our potion out of 1001 standard goal for Africa, we are taking 40 members (new members), and in Kenya, 70, and we start to work on it with immediate effect. We know through the guidance and help of God, we will stand at our position, where God had predestined for us in his kingdom”.  With encouragement, they concluded “Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, the other of our salvation, and just as He said,” whatever I started, I shall accomplish “let His will be done”.

By God’s grace and his everlasting love, they have new hope in Christ, the one who gives us strength. All is well and it’s their pleasure to receive this gift from God, the grace, and peace. Because for the mission in Kenya, everything is under the control of God, who has laid this firm foundation for His kingdom.