Gratia Church Nairobi Held Bible Study at Bridge International Academy

Gratia church was so privileged to have Bible fellowship with students from Bridge International Academy On 2nd March 2018. The sharing was from Judges 13:1-25, “the birth of Solomon”. Pr Fredrick shared about this story of Samson and the Philistines, from the time of Samson until the time of David, the Philistines were the great enemy to Israel because they were fierce warriors and they were much in numbers than Israel and infighting skills, they were advanced. He referred to 1 Samuel 13:19-22, that they knew the secret to make weapons out of irons. Though God still chose Samson to deliver Israel.
During the study, there was one question that one of the students asked, ” why did the angel hide his name to Manoah”? He answered that Maybe in those days people believed that if they knew the name of the person, they could know his characters and maybe they could control him. By not giving his name, the angel of God was trying to make sure Manoah could not control him. He concluded that “the angel said his name was too wonderful and beyond understanding”. “Sometimes we asked God questions, but we don’t receive the answer, this does not mean that God is saying NO, but we ask God his knowledge, which is beyond our understanding and acceptance”. He concluded

These fellowships are helpful because all the schools that they are trying to conduct this fellowship with, have testimonies to give. “we are so thankful for the program since we started, our pupils are really trying to be obedient to God and showing a high level of discipline”.