Gratia Church Had Vacation Bible Study with Teens and Children

Nairobi Gratia church had a Bible study series from Matthew 5 “Beatitude” with teens and children at Mary Faith School in August.

They learned about “The true image of the blessed people of God” through this series.

“This image is the image of Jesus Christ so that we can learn it from the life of Jesus more.

They came to know that “When we are humble knowing we are insufficient(so we need God), we are blessed. When we acknowledge that we have sins in us, so if we mourn with it, God will comfort us. When we are gentle and soft heart(meek), it is the heart of God, so he will bless us.” (Matthew 5:1-5)

After this sessions, they shared the reflection. One of the secondary student shared “I learned a lesson from the story of the prayer of a Pharisee and a tax collector. If we have pride of ourselves, it is not supporting our true status, because we are sinners. But when we humble, mourning, God will say us as the righteous.”

May God continue to guide the lives of the young people, so that they may enjoy the heavenly lives.