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Youth Online Bible Study

Youth online Bible Study Schedule: Tuesday & Friday, 7am Age: 18 & UpCommunity Type: OnlineLocation: Nairobi, Kenya Discover the joy of knowing the Holy Bible

2018 Pastors Conference

OA Kenya had Pastors’ Conference on Jan 8-12th at Nairobi Gratia church and OA pastors gathered and meditated the word of God, preached the word

Gratia Church

Address: Opposite Le Pic Nursery School, Kabiria Rd., Nairobi, Kenya VIEW WEBSITE

Jane Kwon

Jane serves Gratia as the church’s Prayer Team Leader. Her care covers the ministry of each newcomer’s prayer request and of all of the members,

Arise, Shine!

For your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. (Isaiah 60:1)

Pastor Thomas

Pastor Thomas is currently serving as a pastor at Nairobi Gratia Church. By remembering the love and humility of Jesus Christ, he wishes to serve