Category: Events

Movie Night

Gratia Church will show Christian movie this Saturday 5th June 2021 from 3pm-5pm. The title of the Movie is “Overcome”. All are welcome

New Year Service

To welcome New Year 2021 in the prayer of gratitude and praise to God, we gather at midnight to give service as first thing in

Christmas Retreat

This retreat will be held for the revival of the individuals, the city, and the nation, and everyone who wants to see revival may join

Membership Retreat

We hold retreat to confirm our salvation through deepening our understanding Word of God and inviting God to our lives. encountering God

Gratia Church Prayer Vigil

Nairobi Gratia Church will hold a prayer vigil on the last Friday night. We’ll pray for the country, mission, and our lives at this time.

Pentecost Sunday 2018

Gratia Church will have Pentecost Sunday Service on May 20th. We’ll meditate the Pentecost day in Acts 2, the beginning of the early churches. We

2018 New Year Service

At the edge of the year, Gratia church will have a gathering for the 2018 new year service. We’ll meet at 10 pm, and review