Bible Student Shares Reflection from Online Bible Study

A Bible student who joined the online Bible study newly on June 16th Tuesday shared her reflection on the book of Romans introduction part.

“The book of Romans is compared to a love letter from God sent by Paul to the Romans since there were deep emotions involved while he was writing to them.
My mind has been opened and I have known who Paul was and also his circumstances while writing the book of Romans. This is not to be ignored so us to help understand this book of Romans. He wrote the letter since He had longed to go to Rome but did not yet have the chance and had to go back to Jerusalem to in service of delivering relief aid.
Paul had encounter Jesus on the way to Damascus inspite of the many sins he had and wanted to commit his life for the gospel because of love. This same love was poured out to the Romans through this letter. This is salvation, a gift, brought about by faith and grace. I expect to learn more on this and righteousness from this book as we continue..Amen”